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IT Services

Abstract SHOP provides a variety of information technology services with a laser-focus on the mortgage industry. Our IT Support Services range from consultation to application development and maintenance to infrastructure management. We bring to your projects a team of highly skilled IT Services personnel including network engineers, application developers, software architects, user interface designers, business analysts and code testers, who are flexible enough to adjust to rapidly changing project requirements and are committed to customer excellence.

IT Support Services

  • Application Development
  • Verification, Validation and Testing
  • Software Development and Maintenance



Product Engineering

As part of our product engineering services we assist our clients in:

  • Custom Product Development
  • QA & Testing
  • Product re-engineering
  • Application integration
  • Product Design and Development

Abstract SHOP divides a product development release into the following phases

  • Inception
  • Elaboration
  • Construction
  • Transition

Each of these phases has one or more iterations with committed deliverables in the form of a executable release of the system.

We also define the areas of work that are carried out with different intensity during the above phases:

  • Business Modeling
  • Requirements Management
  • Analysis and Design
  • Implementation
  • Test
  • Deployment
  • Project Management
  • Configuration and Support services


  • Title Plant Building
  • Title Plant Maintenance
  • Title Indexing

Our features

  • Customer specific reports and pricing
  • National coverage for all products
  • Customer service ready for all your requests
  • Rush orders available on request
  • Bulk orders available at discount pricing
  • Integration available based on volume